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Programming card for controller KAVAN PRO.
The LED programming card for controllers of the KAVAN PRO series for aircraft is used for easy and quick programming of controllers - at home "on the table" as well as on the airfield. The controller is connected using a servo cable, the socket is on the top side. The board is powered by the BEC system of the KAVAN PRO ESC, or an ordinary 4-5-cell NiCd/NiMH or 2S LiPo/LiFe battery connected to the box (in the case of the OPTO ESC). Programming is carried out with the motor and drive batteries connected.

ATTENTION: The KAVAN PRO LED programming card cannot be used for programming first-generation FOXY controllers and the first-generation FOXY programming card cannot be used for programming KAVAN PRO controllers.

The KAVAN PRO flight controller can be programmed in the model with the attached propeller - for safety reasons, however, we recommend dismounting the propeller when programming - this will prevent a possible accident in the event of an operating error. This is how you program the controllers in cars that stand securely on their wheels removed, and in ships that have the propeller in the air or where the pinion or connector on the ship's shaft is removed.

Four buttons on the front panel of the card are used for programming. With their help you select the program functions ("ITEM") for the setting and you set its value ("VALUE"). The change made is confirmed with the "OK" button and saved in the controller. The "RESET" button is used to delete all settings and to return all values to the factory settings. The number of the program function is shown on the left on the two-part LED display ("ITEM"), the value of the function is shown on the one-part LED display on the right ("VALUE").

The way of connecting the controller to the programming card depends on the type of controller - it differs depending on whether it is a controller with BEC power supply or an OPTO controller. When powering up, carefully follow the instructions that come with the card and your controller.

The list of functions and the values that can be set are written on the label on the card; the functions are described in detail in the manuals supplied with the KAVAN PRO controllers.

The programming card set includes: LED programming card KAVAN PRO, three-wire programming cable, instructions.


Power supply [V]: 4.8 - 8.4 ; Length [mm]: 88 ; Width [mm]: 58 ; Height [mm]: 14 ; Weight [g]: 40

Power supply [V] 4.8 - 8.4
Length [mm] 88
Width [mm] 58
Height [mm] 14
Weight [g] 40

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