Benutzerhinweise für SEP Luftschrauben

User instructions for SEP propellers

SEP propellers are model aircraft propellers and may only be used for model flight. They do not have a permit for man-carrying aviation


Make sure that the propeller mount and the mounting disk have the same diameter so that the pressure acts evenly on the prop. Fastening holes must be drilled stress-free and as precisely as possible. Tighten the fastening screws with a torque wrench. VA screws must not be used to fasten propellers. Please only use high quality steel screws here.


Hazard warnings


SEP - propellers

- Be careful when handling rotating propellers

- Make sure that nobody is in front of or to the side of the rotating propeller.

- Use only intact propellers

- Dispose of damaged propellers immediately

- Before every take-off, check that the propeller is securely fastened

- Make sure that the spinner cutout does not touch the propeller.

- Use tight-fitting clothing

- When starting the engine, ask someone to hold the model for you.

- Protect your hands with protective gloves.

- Do not reach into a running propeller.

- Use only clean or cleaned propellers.

- Check the weight of the propeller.



Never stand in front of the engine when the engine is running at full throttle. The maximum number of revolutions for the prop is calculated from this formula.


Prop              U      =                            _______600000________ 

                             min                                  3,14 x diameter in Zoll



Despite the greatest possible care in the selection of materials and production, it is not possible for us to pay for liability and consequential damage during the operation of and with our propellers, as proper handling and proper use and operation cannot be monitored.