KAVAN Brushless Motor PRO 1915-3750

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Brushless electric motor with external rotor bell (outrunner) for small multicopters and model airplanes, KV3750 revolutions/minute per volt, Lixx 2-4s power supply, shaft M5/0.8mm.
KAVAN PRO series motors are powerful 14-pole brushless outrunners (except for the 12-pole PRO 1915-3750). State-of-the-art design, hardened steel shafts, high-quality ball bearings, high-quality material for stators and rotors ensure a long service life and unbeatable performance and high efficiency. The KAVAN PRO series motors are comparatively low speed, high torque electric motors capable of utilizing large diameter propellers without the need for a gearbox.

Engine designation system: PRO xxYY-zzzz
PRO - Brushless outrunner electric motor
xx - motor diameter in mm
YY - motor length in mm
zzzz - revolutions per minute per volt (RPM/V), "KV"

COFFEE FOR 1915-3750

p>KAVAN PRO 1915-3750 is a miniature motor for small multicopters and model airplanes with a 2-4S LiPo battery. It can be used to electrify the KAVAN "MiniBeta" or "The Little Falcon".
Motor Installation: The KAVAN 1915-3750 is designed for radial mounting only; the propeller mount has an M5/0.8mm thread. Use at least two (opposite) or four M2 screws; The motor bulkhead should be 1.0-1.5mm plywood.

Motor kit includes: KAVAN PRO 1915-3750 motor with cables (no connectors), M5 safety propeller nut, set of M2 screws. A full user manual can be downloaded here: KAVAN PRO Brushless Motors - User Manual

Note: Alternative designation due to the stator dimensions: 1408-3750.

Power supply of LiXX cells 2 - 4
Speed per volt [ot./min/V] 3750
Max power (180s) [W] 312
Internal resistance [mOhm] 98
No-load current (at 10 V) [mA] 600
Max. peak current (180 s) [A] 19.8
Diameter [mm] 18.8
Length [mm] 16.3
Total length [mm] 29.8
Shaft diameter (with M5/0.8mm thread) [mm] 5
Weight [g] 16.2
Number of poles 12
Time [°] 15 - 20
Rules [A] 20 - 25
Recommended propeller 2S: 4x2.5-4"
3S: 3x4"
4S: 3x3"

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