KAVAN Brushless Motor C3536-1250

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Brushless electric motor with external rotor bell (outrunner) for airplane models: glider 1600g, trainer 1500g, acro 1300g, 3D 1050g, KV1250 revolutions/minute per volt, power supply Lixx 2-4s, shaft 4.0mm.
The KAVAN C motors are powerful 14-pole brushless electric motors with an external rotor bell ("Outrunner"). They have excellent electrical properties, elaborate construction and perfect production processing. They are a very good choice as drives for your recreational and sports models with excellent performance and affordable price. These are low-rpm, high-torque engines that spin large-diameter propellers without a gearbox.

Engine designation system: CxxYY-zzzz
C - Brushless motor with outrunner bell ("Outrunner")
xx - diameter of the motor in mm
YY - length of the motor in mm
zzzz - speed/volt (RPM/V), "KV"

KAVAN C3536-1250 is a brushless motor for models with a flying weight of up to 1600 g, powered by a 2 to 4 cell Li-Po battery. This motor is suitable for models such as the Bellanca Decathlon EP 1300 mm from Phoenix, 2 meter thermal gliders and similar.

Motor mounting: KAVAN C3536-1250 is designed for mounting on both sides. When installing the front behind the motor bulkhead, use four M3 screws, which are located on the motor bulkhead at a distance of 4-5 mm. The holes for the fastening screws on the front panel are distributed in 180 degrees at equal distances to the circular line with a diameter of 25 and 19 mm. The motor bulkhead should be 4mm plywood. We supply the stern mounting set (mounting cross and propeller driver) together with the engine.

The motor set includes: the C3536-1250 motor with cables and 3.5 mm gold-plated jack plugs, the rear mounting set, instructions.


Power supply LiXX cells: 2 - 4 ; Revolutions per volt [rpm/volt]: 1250 ; Max. Power (30s/4S LiPo) [W]: 420 ; No-load current (3S) [A]: 2.2 ; Max. peak current (30 s) [A]: 38 ; Diameter [mm]: 35 ; Length [mm]: 36 ; Shaft diameter [mm]: 4 ;

Power supply of LiXX cells 2 - 4
Speed ​​per volt [ot./min/V] 1250
Max. power (30s/4S LiPo) [W] 420
No load current (3S) [A] 2.2
Max. peak current (30 s) [A] 38
Diameter [mm] 35
Length [mm] 36
Shaft diameter [mm] 4
Weight [g] 110
Number of poles 14
Time [°] 15 - 25
Rules [A] 40 - 50
Glider up to weight [g] 1600
Trainer up to weight [g] 1500
Aerobatic model up to weight [g] 1300
3D model up to weight [g] 1050
Recommended propeller 3S: 11x5”
4S: 9x5”

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