GO-1035MG (0.08s/60°, 16kg.cm)

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Powerful and very fast 45g low profile programmable digital servo with brushless motor, titanium gears and supply voltage range 4.8-8.4V, 2xBB is ideal for F3A aerobatic models, hotliners, 3D helicopters 400-500 etc. Power 10 .0kg.cm, speed 0.125s/60° at 4.8V, positioning force 12kg.cm, speed 0.11s/60° at 6.0V, positioning force 15.0kg.cm, speed 0.09s/60° at 7, 4V, actuating force 16.0kg.cm, speed 0.08s/60° at 8.4V. Aluminum housing for perfect cooling under high loads.
The strong and very fast programmable digital servo with low profile, brushless motor, titanium gear and with double ball bearing output shaft is suitable for use especially in v F3A aerobatic models, RC jets, hotliners and 3D helicopters of size 400-500 . The servo is placed in an aluminum housing that ensures perfect cooling even under high loads.

With the USB programmer/interface for GO servos and the PC operating program you can program a large number of servo parameters.

Programmable features

Deflection Size: Used to set the maximum size of the servo deflections. The default setting is about 120° with the normal range of control pulse widths (900~2100 µs); Approx. 180° at the maximum permissible range of control pulse widths (500~2500 µs).
Servo neutral position: Used to adjust the neutral position (middle position) of the servo.
Damping: Adjusts the characteristics of the servo's behavior when stopping its movement.
Output Power: Sets the output power of the servo. The higher the value, the faster the servo and the higher the force - of course, the power consumption is proportionally higher. Range: 39.2~100%
Sensitivity: Adjusts the sensitivity (deadband) of the servo. The higher the value, the narrower the deadband - the servo will only move if the change in control signal width is greater than the deadband. If you set the sensitivity value too high, the servo may oscillate in some applications. Range: Ultra High (Extra high - dead band approx. 1 µs) - High (High - approx. 2 µs) - Medium (Medium - approx. 3 µs) - Low (Low - approx. 4 µs)
Soft start: Turns on/off the soft start function. This feature prevents the servo from going to the operating position abruptly after connecting the power supply, thus reducing the risk of damaging its gearing.
Servo Reverse: Reverses the servo deflections.
FUTABA SR mode: Only for use with channels of RC sets FUTABA that work in SR mode. Do not turn on this option if you are using another FUTABA RC set setup or another brand RC set.
SANWA SSR mode: Only for use with channels of RC sets SANWA that work in SSR mode. Do not turn on this option if you are using a different setup of the SANWA RC set or a different brand of RC set.
Fail-safe: If the receiver's control signal fails completely or the servo cannot detect the signal correctly (e.g. due to interference), the servo can switch to one of three emergency modes:
(a) Free: Fail-safe is switched off.
(b) Hold Position: The servo will hold the position corresponding to the last correctly received signal.
(c) Transition to the neutral position: The servo returns to the neutral position (pulse width 1500 µs).
Overload Protection: Enables or disables three levels of servo overload protection - once the overload lasts for a preset time (in seconds), the servo output power is limited to the corresponding preset value (in % of maximum power).
Reset: Restores the factory settings of the connected servo.
Extended supply voltage 4.8-8.4 V (nominal voltage).

Output shaft with 25 tooth/5.92mm mill square.

Servo size standard
Servo type digital
Actuating force with 4.8V [kg/cm] 10
Actuating force with 6.0V [kg/cm] 12
Actuating force with 7.4V [kg/cm] 15
Actuating force with 8.4V [kg/cm] 16
Speed at 4.8V [s/60st.] 0.125
Speed at 6.0V [s/60st.] 0.11
Speed at 7.4V [s/60st.] 0.09
Speed at 8.4V [s/60st.] 0.08
Servo gear titanium
Ball bearing 2×
High voltage yes
Power supply [V] 4.8 - 8.4
Length [mm] 35.5
Width [mm] 15
Height [mm] 29.2
Weight [g] 45
Intended for airplanes, helicopters

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