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Programming card for controller KAVAN R. Input voltage 4.8-6V.
The programming card for flight controllers KAVAN R is used for easy and quick programming of controllers - at home "on the table" as well as on the airfield. The controller is connected using a servo cable, the socket is on the top side of the card. The board is powered by the BEC system of the RAY G2 controller. The programming is carried out with the connected motor and drive battery.

ATTENTION: The KAVAN R LED programming card cannot be used for programming first-generation RAY controllers and the first-generation RAY programming card cannot be used for programming KAVAN R controllers.

The KAVAN R controller can be programmed in the model with the attached propeller - for safety reasons, however, we recommend removing the propeller when programming - this will prevent any accidents in the event of an operating error.

Four buttons on the underside of the card are used for programming. With their help you select the program functions for setting and you set their value, which is signaled by the lighting of the corresponding LED diode. The change made is confirmed with the "OK" button and saved in the controller. The "Reset" button is used to delete all settings and reset all values ​​to the factory settings. The status of the communication with the controller is indicated by the "Connecting" LED.

Programming: Unplug the ESC's servo lead from the receiver and plug it into the socket in the top right corner of the board labeled "BEC". Connect the drive battery to the controller; the LEDs on the card light up and show you the currently set values ​​of the individual functions - now you can make settings!

The list of functions and adjustable values ​​are written on the label on the card, the functions are described in detail in the instructions supplied with the KAVAN R regulators.


Power supply [V]: 4.8 - 6 ; Length [mm]: 92 ; Width [mm]: 52 ; Height [mm]: 6 ; Weight [g]: 26

Power supply [V] 4.8 - 6
Length [mm] 92
Width [mm] 52
Height [mm] 6
Weight [g] 26

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