KAVAN PRO-160HV Opto Brushless-Regler 160A

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Programmable brushless ESC for large aircraft models with high supply voltage (HV). Continuous current 160A (peak current 200A), power supply from 6-14 LiPo cells, OPTO (electrically isolated control and power section of the electronics), weight 221g, dimensions 110x50x33mm.
Programmable microprocessor controller for brushless sensorless motors for recreational and sports aircraft models powered by LiPo/Li-Ion/LiFe batteries. It uses advanced technology of optimized control, which greatly improves throttle response and power stage control efficiency. The design of the controller takes into account the high endurance and durability required by huge models when powered by a battery with a larger number of cells. The controller's power section is galvanically isolated from the control electronics to ensure high interference immunity at high operating currents and high supply voltages. The ESC is not equipped with a supply stabilizer for the receiver and servos. A special KAVAN PRO LED programming card, which is available separately, is used for easy adjustment of the controller.


The controller is equipped with a powerful 32-bit ARM-M4 microprocessor with a clock frequency of up to 72 MHz and is compatible with most brushless motors.
It is suitable for most aircraft brushless motors powered by 6-14S LiPo/Li-Ion/LiFe batteries.
Special supply stabilizer for the microprocessor for high noise immunity and reducing the risk of loss of control.
Optimized control technology significantly improves throttle response and power stage control efficiency, and lowers regulator temperature.
Galvanically isolated power section using an optoelectronic element.
Start-ups Normal/Soft/Very Soft are suitable for normal propeller aircraft and electric fan models.
Simple programming and adjustment via transmitter or KAVAN PRO LED programming card.
Using a special programming cable to connect the controller to the LED programming card, the user can program the controller anytime and anywhere (please refer to the KAVAN PRO LED programming card user manual for details).
A series of protection functions: starting protection, controller thermal protection, capacitors thermal protection, overload protection, overcurrent protection, supply voltage abnormal protection and control signal loss protection, effectively extend the life of the controller.
Gas calibration for perfect adjustment to the control signal of your RC set.

Brake type: brake off, normal brake (with braking intensity adjustable in 7 levels), proportional brake (controlled by the throttle lever): 0-20% of the throttle channel deflection corresponds to 100-0% of the brake, 20-100% of the throttle channel deflection corresponds to 0-100% of the throttle ).
Braking power: The braking intensity is adjustable from level 1 to level 7 for the "Normal brake" mode.
Motor shutdown type: Soft shutdown: The controller gradually reduces the power to 50% of the full power within 3 seconds after the voltage protection is activated. Hard shutdown: The engine shuts down immediately.
Number of LiPo cells: We recommend manual setting for 100% reliable voltage protection function. The controller automatically calculates the number of cells in the connected battery according to the "3.7 V per cell" rule if you select automatic detection.
Voltage protection: The voltage protection threshold is adjustable in the range of 2.8 to 3.8 V/cell. The protection can also be switched off completely.
Start-up: Normal start-up (immediate start), Soft start-up (with slow start for engines with large propellers, gears or smaller impellers), Very soft start-up (with very slow start for engines with large propellers, gears or impellers from 90 mm).
Timing: Adjustable in the range 0-30°.
Direction of rotation: clockwise/counterclockwise.
DEO free running: This function can be switched on or off. It can result in better linearity or a more consistent gas response.

Start-up protection: The controller measures the engine speed during the start-up process. If the engine speed stops increasing or if the increase is no longer stable, the controller judges it as a false start. If the throttle is less than 15% at this point, the ESC will automatically attempt to restart the engine. If the throttle is more than 15%, you need to pull the throttle stick all the way down to restart the engine.
ESC thermal protection: The motor will “stutter” if the ESC temperature exceeds 110°C, indicating that thermal protection has activated. If you pull the throttle stick below 60% at this moment, the "stuttering" and the regle will disappear

Use airplane,helicopter
Type AC
Continuous current [A] 160
Max. peak current [A] 200
LiXX cells 6 - 14
Length [mm] 110
Width [mm] 50
Height [mm] 33
Weight [g] 221
Control unidirectional
brake yes
Sensor input no
Programmable yes

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